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DVD & CD Replication

We start with verification and mastering in house using Singulus Equipment. Replication is the manufacturing process of producing discs. Unlike duplication which is burning the data on to a disc much like a computer would, replcation uses a stamper and a molder. The stamper is made in the mastering process. The molder is a large hydralic ram system that contains the stamper. The system is pressed together and the ram is injected with liquid polymer, cured and removed from the ram. The disc now contains the pits of data the the laser reads. The next major step is metalization or spudder coating. This is the shiny metallic material that gives the disc its reflectivity. The reflective surface is then sealed, cured and the disc is verified. The disc then moves on to print.

We replicate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Disc using Singulus Equipment.

All replication jobs require Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Forms to be filled out. Click here to get IPR Forms. Please fill out, sign and fax back to 314-291-7805.

Need help with IPR forms?

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