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DVD Authoring

Part of Replicating or Duplicating a great DVD is getting whatever you have to DVD. MMD offers Spec Level DVD Authoring. Motion Menus, Multi-Language Tracks, Region Scripting, Subtitles, Dolby 5.1 Surround, CSS Copy protection, we do it all. Contact MMD for more information on how to use our DVD authoring services.

Basic Auto start Package: 60 minutes of 2 pass mpeg 2 and Dolby Digital audio. Disc automatically plays when inserted into player. No menus. Chapter points where you want them, not in preset increments like most other authoring facilities. 59.00+.50each additional minute of encoding over 60 minutes.

Custom Design what you want: Mix and match with the below prices to get what you want. All prices are based on flat rate and can vary depending on complexity and special services. DVD 9's (video over 120 minutes) fall in the same pricing. We will then supply you with a DVD+RDL as a test disc or master for duplication. If your job is intended for Replication then we will supply you with 2 DLT tapes (one for each layer) for an additional 115.00

Encoding: Turning your supplied video into DVD compatible formats .75/min for mpeg 2-2 pass and Dolby Digital audio. (40.00 min) Supported formats-Digital Beta, Beta SP, DVCAM, DVC PRO, Mini DV, DV, 3/4 Umatic, SVHS, VHS or DVD-Rom with Quicktime or AVI/WMV. We also support 1inch at an additional cost, please contact us if you will be supplying a 1inch master.

Menu pages: 45.00 each using your supplied design. We'll be happy to design one for you. Going rates are 75/hr (1 hr min)for design work. Motion menus are at 90/hr (1 hr min) This price applies to main menu and sub menus.

Buttons: Add buttons to your menus to link to sub menus or chapters in your video or individual video tracks, turn on subtitles or select audio track. 10.00 each-no minimum

Pricing example:
60 minute video with 1 main menu with 2 buttons (chapter menu and play all)and 1 submenu with 5 buttons (chapters)=45.00 for encoding 90.00 for 2 menus and 70.00 for the buttons. Grand total 205.00- add CSS for 90.00 (optional) 295.00. (pricing is based on customer supplied menu graphics)

Special Services: CSS Encryption- Protect your DVD from illegal copies. We can even add CSS to previously produced DVD masters. Pricing starts at 90.00 and includes a DLT tape for replication mastering. (please note: in order for CSS to be applied to your copies, your DVD's must be replicated. Duplicated DVD's can not support CSS encryption.

Re authoring: Sometimes you want to change your menu's or add or remove a video track, we can do that by re authoring your DVD. Please contact us for a accurate quote.

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